Finally Taking A PDC

PDC stands for Permaculure Design Course. This spring 2020. I’ve study books, videos, and a few workshops for years, but finally I get to take the course.

Here are a few links(to be added), for any who wish to find out more about…

  • What is Permaculture
  • Examples of people who have done it
  • What is a Food Forest

Thomas John Fisher’s Personal Blog Is Starting!!!

I will first be explaining more details about what I’ve been doing, what I’m planning in the near future, but more importantly, the why’s.

Mainly focusing on family and friends as my audience.

Hopefully, some of my relatives may decide to come visit, and take some part in the projects.

My kids use to tell their friends, “don’t ask my Dad questions.” I guess I tend to go on, and on, and… you get it. I well try to give short snapshots, and give links for follow for more indepth info for those interested.

So, stay tuned.