Finally Starting Site Over!

Welcome to my new website for, guess who, ME, Thomas John, of the Fisher family.

Now that I am retired meat cutter, I am freer to live my dreams.  Which has continually drawn me to many alternatives needed for life on planet earth.  Not only because I am draw to them, I can’t help myself, but that we all need.  I just seek to provide them for myself.  First to live a freer, fulfilling life, live as I believe my Creator wanted me to, second to help others, family, friends, and neighbors, both as a provider in times of surplus, but as an example.

To provide for myself and my own, as best I can, using the living factory(Earth’s Eco-systems) I am placed as a Steward of the lands I effect, and as a good neighbor should.

I will be writing on many topics, in overlapping areas of life.  Hope you find it helpful, or at least food for thought.

I’d like to start out by sharing things I’ve come across that have impacted my life, mainly so family and friends, who already know me, can have a better understanding of who I am, or have become, and WHY, this crazy old coot, is living on the side of a mountain, homesteading, at 63!

Just so it’s clear, I’M HAVING THE TIME OF MY LIFE, and hoping that you come visit me someday.